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On-chain tasks for the orbit of your DAO

DAOs are evolving towards small numbers of highly skilled teams that form a core surrounded by a big number of contributors in the orbit. Tacit helps you to engage and leverage the orbit.

  1. Task with 0.25 WETH bounty on Polygon
  2. Admin Dashboard for User Onboarding Task

Inbox user interface

Everyone who contributes gets a share of the reward. Today: Use cases are bounties for user referrals, talent referrals and community tasks (e.g. blog writing, video editing, social media engagement etc.).

In the future: Tacit will be a full fledged solution to engage DAO orbits including P2P bounties, payout triggers based on on-chain and off-chain events and ContributorRelationshipManagement.

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How to leverage Tacitfor your community

How to use Tacit on Testnet

Switch your wallet to Goerli Ethereum Testnet in your wallet.

If you don't see Goerli as an option, you have to add it first. You can easily add it on Connect your wallet on chainlist and click "Add to Browser/Metamask".

Inbox user interface

Get ETH and tokens to create a bounty

Use any of the following links to receive ETH and ERC20 tokens in your wallet on Goerli testnet: